Our Vision

is not complicated it’s fairly simple actually – REFINERY CALCULATOR refines complexity into easy to use solutions that create value for our diverse client base consisting of: energy traders, crude and product traders, refinery analysts, consultants, industrial gas producers, refinery benchmarking companies and general curiosity seekers.

  • We strive to be our client’s go to partner when it comes to understanding many variables and factors that impact global refineries and petrochemical facilities.
  • We create value for our clients by allowing them to use an easy web based on-line refining simulation model.
  • We can perform thousands of complex simulations over the cloud at lightning fast speeds
  • We enable users of our Refinery Calculator with the ability to generate and then download various reports with ease and simplicity.

Value Creation

We are here to guide you to optimum results in your refining process.
  • Want to know how a particular refinery will be impacted due to a particular unit shut down? REFINERY CALCULATOR can help you find the answer.
  • Curious about the net economic impact to a refinery that has recently announced expansion plans? REFINERY CALCULATOR can allow you to simulate the solution with our unique online portal and provide you with an answer within minutes.
  • Don’t have the budget to purchase a sophisticated refinery software package or the time to learn how to use it – REFINERY CALCULATOR has a unique answer for you. For you see, we allow end users to purchase information that is generated from the model to lower both costs and time requirements.
  • Further, for our clients who have more sophisticated needs we can provide you with customized reports, information and data for your unique problems. We can even generate this information for you routinely and have it emailed directly to you at some pre-set frequency.